The Libra Centre

A Guide to the Universal Vision.

Our Philosophy.

Abstract 1. The Advancement of Spiritual Science.
When we look around us, everywhere we see the application of laws, these laws are fundamental verities or basic truths; 'for every action there is an equal and opposite re-action', 'energy equals mass times the speed of light squared', there are many many more. One of these laws was termed by the philosopher Hermes Trismegistus as 'As above, so below. As within so without' This tells us that science and spirituality are linked, in that discerning one, we can discern the other. This process works both ways, whilst the scientists of today are discovering things which the ancient mystics already knew, present day mystics are discovering the verities that lie behind the veil of ceremony and initiation. Simple and effective methods are being brought out into the open, that are bringing us closer to a scientific explanation of the feats of mystics and sear, making these things possible to all who understand. Which brings us to the next abstract.

Abstract 2. The Fulfilment of Human Potential.
It is felt by many that mankind is not living up to its full potential, and that we are slowly evolving towards some form of undisclosed perfection. On a personal level also, many people are not fulfilling there true potential, many are living well below par, either because they do not know what their potential is, or how to achieve it. The rewards of undertaking this quest are great indeed, in fact you are rewarded at every step of the way. The Libra Centre is conscious of this growth process and wishes to guide and assist you along the way without taking away your control. This is felt by The Libra Centre to be a sacred duty and a vital step in assisting the creation of a better more spiritually orientated world. Which brings us to the next abstract.

Abstract 3. Harmony.
It is clear that a healthy body is a body in harmony, with all its organs working in harmony with each other. This is true of any organisation, village, town, city, nation, the world. (why stop there). Not only is there a need for harmony of the body, there is a need for harmony of the body, mind and spirit. On a different level there is a need for harmony between practical and spiritual values, (walking the spiritual path with practical feet). To create this harmony it is necessary for each part or organ, whatever it may be, to have a shared vision. Which brings us to the next abstract.

Abstract 4. Unity.
For many years scientists have been searching for a great unified theory (GUT). Here at The Libra Centre we believe that we have found such a theory. One unifying principle that supports all other natural laws and precepts. That overriding all encompassing principle is 'LOVE'. The Libra Centre feels that love should be the centre and circumference of everything we do. More.

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