The Libra Centre

A Guide to the Universal Vision.

The History of The Libra Centre.

It is hard to know when the history of The Libra Centre started, perhaps the beginning of time, the unfolding of the Universe to a desired end and The Libra Centre being a step along the way. However, that does not do us a lot of good so maybe we should start at the first use of the term.

The setting was a council bed sit surrounded by drugs and violence. I was there, without money, without a job, without good health (I had been diagnosed with cancer), and no one to call a friend. It was to say the least not a happy time.

How I got from there to where I am today is a testament to the power of the Universe once you align yourself to it and stand when you should have fallen, when you peer into the depths of despair and stagger back with an overwhelming Will to live. The bottom is the road home.

In a vision The Libra Centre was laid out before me, I even seen the building which was 90 miles away. I knew the purpose and philosophy in an instant, all I had to do was believe it was possible. How could I get from here to there? This I discovered I did not need to know, all I had to do was agree to work with the Plan.

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