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The People who make up The Libra Centre.

Carol G Smith

Oldham born and bred.
Carol was born into a spiritualist's family, both parents being traveling stage mediums. Her mother however, tried to keep her daughter out of spiritualism, fearing it would not be wise to open the gates, as it were. This did not stop the gifts from emerging as later when she was free to make her own choices she devoted herself to spirit. A multitude of courses, reading and development has enabled her to attain much of her true potential. Still growing still developing she has reached heights others only dream of.

Though she has retired from travelling to different events up and down the country, she can still give the best aura photo reading on the planet, but now you have to come to her by special appointment.

Sadly Carol has become ill and has completely retired now.

Carol returned Home 8th January 2009 she is very much missed.

Keith Buckingham Hirst

Beauty and brains.
Born and raised in the North of England, mainly council estates. Keith has had a taste of the practical problems of living on very limited income and in depressed neighbourhoods. This has lead to a very practical, down to earth type of spirituality and method of working.

He started to study Astrology in 1982 after having no interest in the spiritual or the strange. Life was black and white for Keith before he happened on an Astrology book left on someone's coffee table. This book struck a cord somewhere deep inside and a new life opened up. Astrology led him into a strange new world and his first realisation was "if this is true, then there must be some intelligence at work in the universe". At that time he was attending his first astrology class but the venue had to be changed because the catholic school in which it was planned objected. The first time Keith had an inkling about the existence of God, the church objected.

Theresa Buckingham Hirst

Oh what a girl.
Born in the colonies, Theresa was raised with a catholic background and a closed view of the world. This meant for Theresa, that she did not fit in, she was a thinking girl in a world where this was strongly discouraged. She first started playing with Tarot as a young girl, secretly at first and then under the pretense of fun at parties. It soon became evident that what was going on here was more than just fun and she quickly gained a reputation as a very strange person, nice but strange. Her life really blossomed when she started to meet others of the same mind set. And worked for many years on the MBS circuits and traveling the World doing psychic readings with cards and aura photographs.

Theresa's now looks after the Tarot readings, Aura drawings, Soul paintings and Spirit Guide portraits. She is an accomplished artist and taught art for several years in the USA. check it out under services.

Preserved Fish (1749 - 1835)

Originator, Preserved Fish, a native North American whose name suggested his role in the tribe, which was quite literally, to preserve fish. In actuality his full role was to provide for the tribe in the lean winter months, soit was not only fish but all kinds of food stuffs which he was responsible for preserving and allocating out during the cold North American winters.

Though not a glamorous name, he was no hunter or warrior. He was a provider, he made sure that the tribe did not go without when there was no hunting or gathering to be done. This was such an important role in the tribe that it was an hereditary position which his ancestors held for generation upon generation.

The task for which he equipped himself spread in to the procurement of numerous goods and artefacts which could be traded and re-traded until the required sustenance for the tribe was assured. It was through his trading trips and the receiving of traders which Preserved Fish acquired not only goods but information, this too was shared out to the rest of the tribe.

It was from this background that the Preserved Fish Trading Company was formed by the then 'Preserved Fish'(1749 - 1835). It has remained in the family ever since though, in the Powhatton tradition, (Preserved Fish's tribe) through the Matriarchal line.

The Libra Centre shares the values which are endemic to the Preserved Fish Trading Co. and is proud to be associated with them, not only through commerce but in a family relationship.

The Stone

The Mabon Stone

The God that time forgot

Calling through the mists of time,

Mabon has revealed its Self.

Come see, touch, experience, the Mabon Stone.

A Guaranteed Mystical Experience.

Mabon pours out healing and transforming Power.

Mabon wants to work through you.

Become a sub-station for Mabon and play your part.

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