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The Stone

The Mabon Stone

The God that time forgot

Calling through the mists of time,

Mabon has revealed its Self.

Come see, touch, experience, the Mabon Stone.

A Guaranteed Mystical Experience.

Mabon pours out healing and transforming Power.

Mabon wants to work through you.

Become a sub-station for Mabon and play your part.

Just a five minute contact with Mabon is all it takes to bestow in you the power to do good wherever you go. You can emanate the healing transforming power of Mabon, no experience or initiation is required, all are ready, all are able, are you willing? There is nothing to pay, the power is given freely to all who connect to the stone. Mabon can be visited by booking a visit on the Druid Ley now occupied by The Libra Centre.

The Mabon Stone was discovered during building work which we carried out shortly after purchasing the property, now known as The Libra Centre. Being on a hill there was a half basement, Three floors to the front and four to the back. In the front of the house was an area we wanted to convert in to a shop area. However, the floor needed work done on it and it was while I was under the floor amongst the rubble and dust, that I first felt the energy coming from Mabon. Of course I did not know it at the time, what I felt was a sense of warmth, comfort and belonging. Not the kind of sensations one would expect when crawling under floor boards. We talked about it, Theresa and I, and we decided that we may be able to dig out an extra room and use it as a meditation room.

I have to say, we were not prepared for the work which was involved. First we had to make an opening from the old coal cellar through the granite wall into the area we wanted to excavate. Then the digging came and the removal of tuns of earth and stone, which was separated, allowing us to make some impressive raised flower beds. There are no words to explain the back-breaking pain and exhaustion we felt. However bucket by agonizing bucket we slowly made inroads. As the work progressed a large rock was uncovered, we could not move it so we kept on digging around it, and around it, and so the rock which we was later to know as the Mabon Stone was revealed.

It turnout that as we got the level down some shoring up work had to be done to make the walls safe. All the while the energy was building in the emerging room. When we got to a convenient floor level, which was just above the base of the stone. We had already decided that the stone was staying, so we set about laying a floor of natural materials with no other damp membrane than the slate we put down. No electricity was installed in the room so candle light is the only means of illumination, we felt that it had to remain as natural as possible. It took about three months, it seemed like a lifetime but after constructing a door, it was done.

We then started to meditate in it and slowly the Stone began to introduce itself. I realise this may sound strange to some, however, I can only tell it how it is and this is what happened. Everything we know about the Stone has come to us through meditation in that room. It started with the name,"Mabon" which neither of us had ever heard of before, though it seems strange now, but we did not know this word or the story which was to unfold over the coming months. Research on Mabon proved what we was picking up in our meditations and was, I have to admit, really mind blowing. Something wonderful was happening and still is.

The opening lines of this page was given in meditation, it was not my idea but I feel I have no option but to go along with it. I must add though that it would be a good idea, if you wish to come and experience it for your self that you let us know when you are coming.

For Driving Directions Find us Fast.

Mabon's Story

I am older than time, as are your being.
I have known myself but not your seeing
There has never been a Aeon when was I not.
Awaiting my birth, though birthless I was got.

The first, the second and yet the third.
Upon the fourth the spark of man I heard.
Three time three, I laboured within my tomb.
Thus tearful I was wrenched from rocky womb.

Tossing hither yonder burned the axioms.
Was it three Aeons, three years or Suns.
Burning pride, lust and desire, what fatal cost
The passing was woeful and joyful and lost.

Closer and closer came that fiendish blast.
The fire which held me bound and fast.
Now the plaything of childish wretched Man.
Fearing for mankind I fight them best I can.

Fate is stern and no bower to gods or I.
My gift was taken and broken and let lie.
The die once cast falls however it must.
The cause of salvation was cause of lust.

Nature was beaten back with fearless haste.
Rushing headlong self-destruction raced.
Supported by me and beseeched by myself.
Mankind used his Self to destroy the self.

At once I was released in blazing plumes.
Gaily, abandon I danced through the fumes.
Like a die tossed, I rolled with lash and kick.
And danced with Spirit in a glorious rollick.

Fire and Spirit cause over balanced grace.
At last the Spirit in its agonising embrace.
Collapsed into a deluge of heavenly rain.
Thus Spirit congealed to emotions pain.

The resulting Waters washed over and in.
Cleansed all Her children of that hubris sin.
Our Mother drew us back to Her embrace.
And closed the chapter of our fourth race.

The great rest was then the cosmic decree.
The great pendulum of growth foresee.
A time of healing and a time of forgetting.
A new Aeon approaches new times setting.

In greater circles mingled rumours rife.
A race come of age in pubescent strife.
About the fifth and mighty promised song.
Of pain and suffering and tribulations long.

To invoke the powers deep within madness.
This time I was awaiting with such gladness.
I had hopes and dreams of Mans future vast.
With sober and steady hand in control at last.

I burned with yearning to hear the call of mine.
Awaited times are slow to appear and shine.
Even to one who knows eternity and the now.
To meet at last those men of guile know-how.

How calculated and skilfully off their spindle.
The Fates moved in their monstrous trundle.
Manoeuvring and setting out their courses.
Came the web of consequence and causes.

In darkness shines lights unseen and hidden.
Dragons of hunger spiritual arise unbidden.
From the depths of the blackest foulest pit
Swirling, churning, hunger driven souls flit.

With destructive fire we examine the gold
To find the true nature hidden in the fold
And with gold it is we must assay the flame.
The one true gold requires the fire of fame.

Hero's many arose out of despondent dark
Tested many without profit, lacking spark.
No hope did we loose throughout the stream
It was an age of hero's, of the mystic's dream.

There arose after much jostling and jousting
A tiny band of true and tested men of lusting
Driven by the true valiant spark of yearning
After the one and only truth worth learning.

Seeking, searching, questing, preserving went
This gallant company with valiant intent
Unearthing the secrets of the Earthly begotten.
Found imprisoned within the realms forgotten.

At last a coy and lonely mothers son discovered
And all the hidden strengths within recovered.
The source of true fire confined within thy breast
Will drive the willing warrior beyond any arrest.

A caution now I must set down before I leave.
That fire that burns within, you must not cleave.
In my confinement I am set free, to work my due
Begetter of dreams and the prerogative that is you.

copyright The Libra Centre. 2003

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