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Philosophy continued

Before elaborating further it is thought well that we simply outline the difference between Balance and Harmony; balance is seen to be that state where we have equality, equal portions in the same measure, harmony on the other hand is seen to be that state where we have correct portions which combine to make an efficient whole both mechanically and artistically. Where the whole then becomes greater than the sum of its parts, as in the harmonious collection of instruments in an orchestra.

We can now re-examine the above abstracts with the thoughts of Harmony and creating conditions for Harmonious Living in our minds in an effort to arrive at a fuller picture of the philosophy behind The Libra Centre.

The Advancement of Spiritual Science; there are many who have used the term 'spiritual science' and each appear to have a different meaning. Some term spiritual science to be an occulted science, that is ancient teachings about the nature of energy and matter which is reserved for the initiated only. To the degree which it is relevant and workable, so do we, though we have somewhat different ideas on initiation. Some term spiritual science to be science conducted in a spiritual manner, i.e. shifting the apparent focus from destruction to helpful humanitarian aims. This to we find no general argument with. Some term spiritual science to be a methodology of spiritual work, again this falls within or meaning of the term spiritual science. Yet others claim for spiritual science to be that branch of science which seeks to reconcile science and spirituality, again, we seek no contest. So to us spiritual science is all of these things but more, for the methods and formulas of the scientist in the main stream apply equally well to matter and subjects which would be classed outside of science. Spiritual healing, homeopathy what is the mechanism and energy involved in these disciplines, how can these be help by a complete understanding of the principles involved and can we apply these principles more assuredly and effectively. By creating a harmony between science and spirituality we feel advancements will be made in both fields, no more should the scientist look at the mystically inclined and pour scorn on their feeble minds subjected to superstitions. But equally should not the mystical and spiritual accuse the scientists of closed and bigoted minds driven purely by monetary gain. The advances thus made will allow for the greater development and efficient use of the resources of our planet, our universe and our minds. One can now see, I hope, how the advancement of spiritual science will lead us surely toward harmonious living.

The fulfilment of human potential; clearly when each individual is approaching their own unique potential the unnecessary inner conflicts will subside, they will be more effective and efficient members of their society creating harmonious living not only for themselves but for those around them.

The next abstract, harmony is to some extent self explanatory in our search for harmonious living but could do with some further clarification. The human body is an excellent model for harmonious living and following health regimes to maintain its harmonious state is and obvious advantage, however, there is some disputed methodologies for this maintenance and repair of the body which need to be guarded against. In this respect the previous abstracts can offer some help because of course spiritual science will aid in the establishment of medical practice and development. Also, as the first step in fulfilling ones potential is to know thyself this will aid in the correct approach to health care specifically for you, complemented by the psychological and spiritual easement. The model of the harmonious body is an excellent tool, when used as an analogy, for the establishment of harmonious criteria in the day to day running of your affairs, both public and private and ways in which you can assist the wider environment.

Unity without harmony is of course impossible. So it can be seen how the abstracts of The Libra Centre will lead to Harmonious Living.

This is the basic background philosophy of The Libra Centre, what we do and the service and products we offer are the application of that fundamental philosophy and our desire for fulfilled beings working efficiently in a harmonious universe.

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