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How to deal with conflicts.

Conflict is all around us, not only in the World at large but in our personal and professional lives. However, conflict should not be seen solely as a bad thing because when handled correctly, conflict can be a good thing. The problem really lies in the way we deal with it, when we have two opposing views we have a number of options:

  1. Give in
  2. Conquer
  3. Compromise

Of these compromise is to be considered the worst option. Why? Well, with the other two you have a Win - Lose situation, with compromise you have a Lose - Lose situation, each side has to give up something so no one is happy and eventually the situation will arise again.

The correct way to deal with conflict is not to compromise but to see the situation from the other side and find a way to combine both views to create a third, this is a Win - Win situation.

True Conflic Resolution

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