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The Libra Centre on Spiritual Politics.

In the beginning.
Is is possible to apply some of the spiritual principles to the political world? I am not here talking about religion when I talk of spiritual, I am taking spiritual to mean an analysis of our relationship to ourselves and the rest of the world.

Steps along the way
Of course Spiritual politics is not new, in a way we have been advancing towards a spiritual politics for all of human evolution. The first was the family unit and ultimately we will arrive at the global family.

What were the steps along the way?
Families uniting to form tribes, tribes uniting to form clans, clans uniting to form nations, nations uniting to form federations. And then? Federations uniting to form super federations, super federations uniting to form global federation, I am not going on to include planetary alliances.

One very important point to note in the above journey is the pain, death and destruction which accompanied each transition. Each step brought greater powers and with greater powers comes greater opportunity for abuse. There was also a stronger distinction between those who were in and those who were out. The path to Unity looks like alienation.

My conviction is that Spiritual Politics is not an end it is not working through all the wars and unequal suffering to finally arrive at some Niverna or one global family living in harmony. Spiritual Politics is about doing things differently, it is about seeing the Unity in all mankind NOW.

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