The Libra Centre

A Guide to the Universal Vision.

Our Mission.

Some time ago in a council bedsit (social housing) I had a vision, a vision of a world united, a vision of a world where hunger and poverty were only heard of in history lessons, a vision of a world where war was unthinkable, a vision of a world where everyone worked for the greater good.

At first I believed I was some how honored by this vision of a new world and that only I could bring it into reality. I soon learned that I was most definitely not alone, in fact most people had at some time in their lives had this vision, the problem, not many believed it was possible and even fewer had any ideas of how to bring it about. The final truth that I discovered was that this vision was not my vision it was a Universal Vision. This vision even included the formation of the Libra Centre.

So now, this is our mission.

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