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Simplify the Law

After looking into several legal matters, I have reached the conclusion that the law is really only there to keep Lawyers in very high paid jobs.

Right first off, I know there are some Lawyer who work very hard for very little or even nothing, to help the poor with legal difficulties caused by members of their own profession and they are to be applauded. Also this is not a dig at all Lawyers it is a dig at the law.

Is it right or is it wrong, whilst the question of right and wrong may be complex and have fill the lives of numerous philosophers throughout the ages. Once it has been decided that something is wrong then that is all there it to it. Philosophy is complex Laws do not need to be complex, just look at the ‘Ten Commandments’. Just recently on a visit to a book store I noticed there were more law books than Political Memoirs. The ‘Ten Commandments’ fit on one page.

Was the invasion of Iraq legal? This was a question which took up reams of paper, endless debate and a fortune in legal fees. A thing is either legal or it is illegal, that is all there should be to it and everyone, lawyers, politicians and the man in the street should either know it or be able to easily look it up.

At this stage I am not questioning whether a law is right or wrong just that it should not be made so complex that it may as well not exist at all. We all know, if you can afford the best lawyers you can get away with almost anything but what if you cannot afford the best lawyer. Lawyer challenge each other and the judges as to what the law means. If you have broken the law, then you have broken the law. Courts should be concerned with did you or did you not, they should not be debating about the legality of your actions, there should not be one law for the rich and another for the poor.

Let us call for a simplification of Law, it can be done, it should be done, while the ‘Ten Commandments’ may not be totally relevant to today’s world I believe we can do better than we are right now.

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