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The Libra Centre on Jail time.

I was watching the debate on the UK's prison reforms in which the government wished to slash the time served by 50% for criminals who plead guilt early in their case. There are a number of issues around this but in my opinion it is not designed to help victims or free up prison places, it is clearly a cost cutting exercise. 1. They will reduce the cost of keeping a person in jail. 2. They will reduce the cost of a lengthy trial. Both these concerns are real and need to be addressed. However, it would seem to me that they are going at it from the total wrong direction. Instead of trying to reduce the cost of criminal behaviour why not concentrate on reducing criminal behaviour.

How can we do this? I think this is a job for Spiritual Politics. Tony Blair, a past British prime minister, declared he would be tough on crime and tough on the cause of crime. I do not think he made much headway in either. The Spiritual Politics way would of course concentrate very strongly on the cause of crime. I think we will find that the cause of crime are also the cause of very many of the troubles which walk the Earth at this time and for all past time as we know it.

This is where you come in, before I go on I would like to get your views on the causes of crime. How complicated is it, lets discuss and come up with an answer. I know to some it may seem like pie in the sky, but until we try we will never know. Go on get involved, you may just change the world.

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