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The forces of Entropy

I note that the forces of Entropy were at large last Saturday night in the form of drunken mindless minions destroying property and it struck me that viewing the larger picture they must surely be the foot soldiers of Entropy.

The most surprising things about life is that it exists, it shouldn't it should fall under the powers of Entropy - Entropy being the way everything should move from a state of order to a state of disorder - But there are systems which show signs of moving in the opposite direction, life for one, so it would seem that there is a second force acting against Entropy call Negentropy.

If we take the stance that society is also subject to the same laws of physics then society to will be subject to the forces of Entropy and Negentropy. Those who seek to destroy, damage, disrupt or cause war on society are acting, willingly or not for the forces of Entropy. Those in society who seek order, harmony and growth are acting for the forces of Negentropy.

It is clear then that for society to flourish Negentropy must win the battle, we must ensure that the forces of Entropy are not allowed to get the upper hand. However, because Entropy is a natural force, we will never be free of it. It will always be there challenging the force of Negentropy. The battle between good and evil is very real and a scientific fact. The problem is that in fighting this battle we do not add power to the opposing side, Entropy.

Looking at life in this way may help us to find better solutions to societies problems, it certainly deserves thinking about and I shall, and what I come up with I shall share with you. You can also share your views, at the moment I seem to get nothing but spam, which is quite mad because all comments are moderated so spam comments never show up even for an instance. I suppose they are posted automatically by some deviant script - the forces of Entropy show up again.

You know, another thought has struck me. My brother, a very good man, a christian, has always told me about the Devil and his works, usually in connection with my ideas about spirituality and I have always said that I did not believe in the Devil this was a christian invention devised to keep us all in order. But now! I know the Devil does exist he is simply called Entropy and God, well he must be called Negentropy. Of course my brother, dear man will not agree with me but it is another way of looking at things.

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