The Libra Centre

A Guide to the Universal Vision.

Business and Spirituality

While the goal of a Spiritual Politics may be the establisment of a global government, it would not be the goal of a Spiritual Business model. Ironically this is the current direction of business, we see ever larger global corporations, with more available funds than a lot of small countries. Without the steadying influence of the communities that countries could eventually feel once we have enlivened our communities into taking responsibility for themselves. The only steadying influence the global corporations are subject to, if any, are the wishes of their shareholders, whose motives are usually the desire for more profits to feed higher dividends.

A different way of doing business has to be found, thankfully that is not the hardest part. Small local businesses are the key to a sustainable and spiritual business model. This will mean many more people will be self employed and responsible for the conditions in which they work and trade. This will also be linked to environmental concerns sustainability and fairtrade.

However, the difficult part is in changing the way we view our needs, that is the whole edifices of consumerism needs tearing down. It may have been started with the marketing campaigns of the larger companies but now we are hooked, we no longer know what is of real value anymore. While we associate ourselves with what we have, with the latest must have gadget, we will fail to appreciate what is truly of value. We can no longer see the beauty that is all around us, our natural desires are becoming distorted, we cannot comprehend that a simple life would actually be simpler.

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