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Being Attacked

Question: I've been deeply shaken by the events of September 11. I don't know how to think about all that's happened. I feel that there's an important, spiritual lesson here for all of us. Can you help me see it?

Answer: A number of you have written in and asked for a few thoughts about the events of September 11. Here are some ideas to help bring light into this moment of passing darkness.

The thing to remember about this tragedy is that the only thing that can keep it from happening again is for people not to respond in the same way as they always have when hatred raises its ugly head. Call this attack what you will, it all boils down to an act of rage and frustration perpetrated by individuals without conscience. The important issue for those of us who wish to bring Peace into our world is the fact that any negative energy met with negative energy only causes these same dark forces to grow. What to do with the pain and anger one naturally feels? Realize that these reactive and base states of consciousness (both around us and escalating within us) that are trying to tell us, the world, what to do to "get even" are the same low-level forces that created these terrorist monsters responsible for these vicious acts of darkness.

One thing should be clear, and let it be for those of us who want Peace on earth: The cycle of violence and distrust cannot come to an end through more violence and distrust. The cycle must be broken. How? By the deliberate act (on each of our parts) of choosing to consciously sacrifice the self that feeds upon the fury and fear that such evil events always create.

How is this sacrifice made? We don't take part in the continuity of the conflict. We bear the ripples of the pain passing into us and don't pass them along in either thoughts or actions. We let the hatred that is raised in us by such acts of hatred die in us, with us, by bringing its destructive force into the light of the Love we know and that we want to be. We remember those lost in this senseless act and hold them in our prayers and thoughts that are positive in nature, remembering that being vengeful for their sake does nothing but add yet more aching to our atmosphere. Healing is what is needed, not more hurting. Each of us can make this choice, if we are willing to allow God to do His work without our guidance.

And what about those "evil-doers"? What about justice for them? Rest assured, justice is already enacted, even if we don't see its immediate effect. This universe is always balancing itself, and no hatred may exist that isn't already being attended to by the Love, the Light, that will use it for God's own purposes.

Lastly, what happens from here on out is yet to be known, but we may know one thing with certainty. We are the world we live in. And for every measure of Light we agree to be (embrace, act out, etc.) that is one less measure of darkness that can impress itself into our collective Soul.

Remember yourself. Remember your God.

Guy Finley

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