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A word about Google Advertisements.

At the bottom of each page you will find a set of Google Advertisements from other sites. We have been asked why will place advertisements on our site it is selling out to the Google empire. I disagree strongly and will tell you the two main reasons we do it.

Why we use Google.

Two reasons, one to help pay for the site hosting and bandwidth, every time you click on a Google advertisement we get a couple of cents, not a lot but over the year it can help to pay our bills. Please note we are not asking you to click on these advertisements just so we can get a couple of cents, that would be unfair to the advertisers who have to pay out those cents. Which brings us to the second reason we use Google advertisements. While we hope to provide you with everything you need on our site, we know this is unrealistic. So if by the time you get to the bottom of the page you may want further information and it is here that you will find the targeted Google advertisements so as to provide you with further options.

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