The Libra Centre

A Guide to the Universal Vision.

Things everyone can do now.

Change begins within.
If you do not change, you cannot change anyone or anything. Think you do not need to change, think again. No one is perfect, not even you. Consider this; there is a field and in this field is a path, a clear path where the ground and the overgrowth has been worn down. How did this happen? It happened because one person walked across the field and left a slight trace, others came and seen that trace so they took the same route. When you make a change within it will make a small difference, a trace of a path in the Universe, this will make it easier for others to follow.
Start at home.
Work with you family and have a look around your home, what is it like, is it cluttered, filled with stuff you do not need or even use. Look in your bin, how much do you throw away, how much food do you waste. Do you live in a house that is as energy efficient and sustainable as you can make it. Have you discussed with your family the reasons you want to work towards the Universal Vision, explained it to them encouraged them. Get your family onboard will make your journey a lot easier.
Your neighbours.
Previously we have mentioned the vital need to enliven our communities. So this is perhaps the most important step you can take. Become involved in your community, find out what is going on and how you can get involved, if nothing is going on start something. Have a walk around your area and see what needs doing, cleaning up, repairing. You could report it to your local council, ask your neighbours to do the same or start a petition. You will be amazed at what you can achieve once you start to get involved.
Join in.
Become a member of any communitee organizations that are already active in your area. If there is an independent standing in your area why not help out if you like his policies, political parties should only be joined temporally if it gets you where you want to be. There are other organizations you could look, peace and environmental activists, alternative politics and the Independent Politicians Network
World Peace Begins with Inner Peace. So, all of us should realize to the importance of the inner peace which is created by meditation because whenever the peace is in everyone's mind, the world peace creation will not be the difficult thing anymore. There are many different variations on meditation for world peace, but they all still have the same basic goal. People performing meditation for world peace hope to better the lives of people all over the world through their actions. Meditation helps us feel at peace with ourselves, and interact with the world more calmly. Being at peace with yourself can also help bring peace to the world in general.
So, we all want World Peace, we all want and end to poverty and hardship, we all want to work towards the Universal Vision but do we really know what that would be like other than a vague longing for something better. If you really want to work for the Universal Vision, you need to understand clearly what that vision is and the only way to understand this is through the lens of Astrology. Yes I did say Astrology. Astrology if used right will provide a much deeper understanding not only of yourself, your relationships, political events but more importantly what is the Universal Vision. The Sun in the image below represents that Universal Vision and currently the Sun's and our evolutionary journey is traveling through the Age of Aquarius.

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