The Libra Centre

A Guide to the Universal Vision.

The Libra Centre is a Hub for the realisation of the Universal Vision.

The Libra Centre is there to demonstrate that,
not only does the World need to change but that it can change.

In other words we offer a Spiritual approach to politics, business and everyday life.

The development of a world where political and business decisions are take from a spiritual perspective may seem like a far of dream but The Libra Centre is offering tools you can use right now in your campaign for a better world.

Join The Libra Centre in this amazing journey toward Peace, Harmony and Unity.

The use of the word Libra in the title bears witness to the fact that we feel that astrology has a significant role to play in understanding and guiding us towards this Universal Vision but most of the astrological and esoteric knowledge has been removed from this site, because we feel that the tools we have been using have been detracting us and others from the true purpose, which is the issuing in of the Universal Vision. The mission was in danger of being sidelined by the very tools we were using to achieve it, it was as though astrology and the esoteric were aims in themselves when in fact they are nothing but tools.

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